This creep MJ Akbar wont go down easy he has the backing of certain top end elites his family friends more importantly some lawyers maybe his children put some sense into him and quit , he is just the tip of the iceberg

Posted on Oct 9 2018 - 6:26pm by admin

This creep wont go down easy he is protected by who’s who of the elites and many have long association and are family friends and you’d be surprised if their names came out these very respectable people and many are of the media and media owner who have nurtured not only him but his children and it wont take you long to know the names from Delhi and Mumbai these are the next generation of the families with strong connections and so people are greatly invested in him and his friendships of a long time and they will see to it he is protected and wait and see in the coming days  certain media owners who are family friends and have nurtured his kids in way will run a campaign on his behalf and as usual he will use his wealth and lawyers and moreover if he falls lot of other men of his stature will be quaking lest they also fall so it wont be a easy game to accept but whatever he does he will be the scum and those making it about the BJP rightwing well he was a Congress guy before and when all this took place and worst never forget Telegraph and Aveek Sarkar or which ever Sarkar who was at the helm for protecting nurturing and making him who is at that time and did nothing .

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