There must hundreds of unreported cases of Uber criminal drivers doing what one witnessed today and getting away easily – UBER should be banned and their India investor cum protector JAINS of the TIMES OF INDIA should be investigated .

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One has photographed the car number the driver and it belongs to a leasing company in Gurgaon , Incident happened between 4.15 – 4.45 in the evening – the Police officers name was Raj Kumar , victims Afsana her child and a older lady .

Today one was at the Lado Sarai crossing and a crowd was gathered on the footpath of Haji Jan Ali mosque and one stopped and inquired and there a police Innova with a cop standing his name was Raj Kumar and a lady was explaining how the Uber driver first drove around in circles and then when she complained about it he stopped the car in the middle of the road and pulled her out saying “bahar nikal r**di ” in the process she got hurt and mustered courage to slap him and freed herself from his grip , the shocking part is she had a kid  and older lady with her and it all happened in front of them .

One had lost one’s cool hearing her story but the driver was called and police officer asked him his version and he accepted that he had done and said all that and there were other witness to that also who came forward , my blood was boiling and really got so angry and so was the crowd so the cop put him in the Innova , one told the cop to file complaint and convert it into a FIR under outraging a modesty of woman and other relevant sections of the IPC , the cop told me that the lady and those will have to come to the Mehrauli police station to file the complaint on that point one offered to come along with them to the station and told them to sue UBER and one would assist them in the case , the lady in question and one has her permission to use her name was Afsana panicked and told me to that she wanted the matter ended here and told the cop to take care of him in other ways and said that her hand was injured and didnt want all this legal thing .

One can clearly understand knowing the legal system and what a long tedious process it can be and then for a two bit criminal driver who might when released on bail might harm her and her family so she made the pragmatic move .

She was lucky it was evening can you imagine had it been night and what he might have done probably killed her and her family .

The problem is that no one wants to be entangled in legal hassles but the shocking part is you read about incidents of UBER drivers with all sorts of cases like RAPE , MURDER and sexual harassment on a daily basis but these are the cases of heinous nature and people had to take the legal route but there must be thousands of cases where the victims of crimes by UBER drivers just let it pass and the very criminal drivers on the roads and must be committing them on a regular basis because they now they will just get away easily no one will pursue the complaint against them .

One personally had a case when a UBER driver rammed my car from behind right opposite the Gandhi farmhouse as he was watching a car burn and was trying to run away one caught him and guess what he didnt have a license and was driving a sub let car and started saying he was a heart patient and to pay for his medical he was driving this UBER his passenger who got injured was whisked away in another UBER the cop told me he will have to take both cars to the police station and will be kept there for photography etc and one knew one wont get anything from court so one had to let him go and it cost me fortune despite getting insurance and time wasted and the car has never been the same .

So UBER has unleashed on the citizens criminals despite their claims of verifying the drivers and you still read these cases on daily basis .

UBER needs to be banned and their global and Indian CEO’s have to be summoned and arrested and given bail for criminal transportation services . Please read my old articles on UBER where one after the UBER rape case had asked for the same for Travis Kalanick be summoned and India UBER CEO arrested instead we had Travis welcomed in India and given a red carpet when we should arrested him , eventually that very rape case led to Travis Kalanick was sacked for the crook he was finally exposed .

The shameful and shocking part is the involvement of THE TIMES OF INDIA group and SAMIR JAIN and family in UBER as investors and have also pointed out how they have  edited,muted or underplayed the news relating UBER cases , this TIMES GROUP is in the business of news and they have leveraged their power in the media to get a juicy pie in a very profitable business and they are offering full protection to UBER in various ways and their power and influence with politicians is helping them thrive and then they have the resources and lawyers to smoothen the edges if things go out of hand , shocking greed of these JAINS of the TIMES OF INDIA group and they should be taken to task for leveraging their media power and their investments in various business must be put under strict scrutiny these people far being ethical are outright shameful  leveraging their media power to unleash on us criminals in the form of UBER .

As for proof  One has photographed the car number plate , the driver and it belongs to a leasing company in Gurgaon , Incident happened between 4.15 – 4.45 in the evening – the Police officers name was Raj Kumar and the victims name was Afsana .




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