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The idea of DDA sports clubs is a good one but this thing of providing membership to a select few is a highly flawed one that goes against the spirit of social justice . These so called members strut around as though they are someone special and this privilege is their feudal birth right and that can do whatever in the club premises and even resort to bullying , intimidation , violent threats etc  they think they own the club or something ,

The truth is it we the people of Delhi who are subsidizing each of these members worth lakhs of rupees while they pay a pittance as subscription charge ,

Why are they being given such subsidy  ?

What have they done to deserve it and their so called kids who get membership after them ?

The amazing part is these members dont know the law when they act like VVIP s they simply have” playing rights ” they are neither elected  neither are they employees of the DDA .

The question one wants to ask these so called high and mighty members of the DDA  sports club why should you be subsidized at the cost of the poor ,

Another question  to the DDA ,how can you afford to subsidize these members under what authority when you are using public land which should be accessible to each and every citizen of Delhi , you do have pay and play so why this membership scheme in the first place .

How is DDA able to splurge so much on these clubs when children dont have parks to play and according to the high court of Delhi  these clubs should be open to all .

On one hand the DDA owes DUSIB  Rs 20000 crores  and here they are subsidizing these so these called members who act like they are some feudal VVIP s  .

Most kids in Delhi are Malnourished there are people dying on the streets for the lack of shelter in winter and summers and high levels of poverty in general in the city and here the taxpayers money is being splurged on some members who are acting like some feudal VVIPs and dont follow any laws if they knew them in the first place that is .

The idea of these sports clubs is one of the good things DDA has done but to build these exclusive enclaves on public money and public land is gross misuse of public trust and money , the clubs should charge those who can pay and should charge a very minimal amount from others to use the facility like they have in JLN stadium and the whole point of these clubs was to promote sports not some feudal VVIP culture  in the name of membership which these people, some of whom are really well off and yet hide behind this membership to pay a pittance and strut around like some feudal VVIP s , once again  one stresses they are on prime public land in heart of Delhi so that they can take their so called walks in peace , free of dogs .


2. Objectives
The objectives of the DDA Siri Fort
Sports Complex (hereinafter called
the Sports Complex ) are :-
(a) To provide recreational &
healthy environment to the
citizens of Delhi keeping in view
the requirement of Master Plan.
(b) To induce sports activities and
spirit of mutual help and
goodwill among citizens of Delhi
in general and in members of
the body in particular.
(c) To promote various sports e.g.
Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis ,
Billiards,Badminton, Taekwondo,
Golf, Aerobics, Swimming and
other team games.

Conduct of Members
In case the conduct of a member or
dependant, in the opinion of the
complex incharge is injurious to the
character and interest of the
complex, his/her membership shall
be suspended/ terminated.

Infraction of Rules & Bye-Laws
The Management Board is
empowered to suspend the
membership of any member for
infraction of rules and bye-laws and
can disqualify him/her for the use of
complex facilities.
(f) If in the judgement of the
Chairman/ Vice Chairman, DDA,
the continuance of the
membership is prejudicial to the
interest of the Sports Complex.

22.1 Honorary Members and their
dependants shall not be liable to pay
any entrance fee or monthly

13. Honorary Membership
Past and present Chairman, ViceChairman,
Finance Member and
Engineer Member of DDA will be the
Honorary Members

4. Membership
Various categories of membership are
given below and are defined in
succeeding paragraphs. Membership
in respect of all the categories will be
approved by or on behalf of the Management Board. Membership,
however, only provides playing rights
in the Sports Complex.

Dress Regulations
Members will ensure that proper
decorum with regard to wearing of
dress in the complex is always
maintained. Under no circumstances
the gentlemen will be permitted to visit
the complex in Salwar Kameez/ Kurta
Pyjama, Vest Chappals/ Bathroom
slippers or dressing gown etc.
25. Proper sports kit will be worn for each
sport/game as designated in the by

( disclosure – I have been using the facilities at  SIRI FORT SPORTS CLUB and other DDA clubs for years i have not taken the  membership or ever even  ever applied for temporary membership )


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