The Uphaar verdict and how the Ansals got away so lightly shows you what to expect of the justice system in the Mumbai Kamala Mills case , In any other country these guys would be liable for huge penalties and locked up for life for such mass murders

Posted on Dec 29 2017 - 6:15pm by admin

Tragic and horrific Kamala Mill pub fire in which so many people lost their lives and yes we will all get angry curse the corrupt system and politician and then it will all be forgotten , public memory is short and those responsible for this tragedy will ride the media fire for now and then will be back in circulation and those owners who for sheer greed and those blood sucking corrupt people whose responsibility to check this doesnt happen will back to their old corrupt ways and get away without a scratch .

The Uphaar judgement with the Ansals getting away so lightly with a top lawyer putting all his greatness in seeing to it that his clients are saved punishment did succeed and is the toast of the elite parties as they know that they can get away with such mass murders with little in the law and justice system to punish them and this nonsense will keep on happening over and over again and even as one writes there are hundreds of such fire hazards still operating with impunity .

People have no option but to vote whomsoever because all of them they fall in the same game of making money and its set system no one wants to disrupt and these mass murders cannot stop the greed and the corruption that is so ingrained in the system .

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