The trio of DUDS Tendulkar , Dravid and Ganguly made me stop watching cricket and now this DUD Sourav Ganguly writes a book the guy was unfit and a DUD when it came to the crunch matches specially against the Australians

Posted on Mar 2 2018 - 5:32pm by admin

India is cricket obsessed country and we are always looking for idols and become this ‘ FAN ‘ and its ok to be one but the thing is everything here is so over hyped and the best part that certain jokers believe their hype and its funny to see this DUD Sourav Ganguly living his bullshit hype first by writing a book and then giving promo interviews but if seen in true light the guy was DUD  then and become a bigger DUD by actually believing his hype and his tough guy photo on the front cover he looks like Mithun in Disco dancer , this guy had no killer instinct and he and the duo mentioned pissed in their pants in crunch matches and actually snatched defeat from jaws of victory as far as one remembers and against the Australians they were pulverized and against shitty Pakistani teams they had a tough time such was their intimidation and even Zimbabwe gave them a tough time and yet here we are celebrating a DUD and even worse the DUD actually believes his own hype .

First of all he was highly unfit and still is then in cricket you can get away with it but not anymore if see the level of  fitness  of players now and even then and yet this DUD got away with it and compared to Dhoni and Virat  this guy is a DUD  there is no comparison the results are clear to see and yet this DUD who was flattered as some Prince of Calcutta or something actually believes it and people will actually pay for his book , i wouldnt read if it were offered free but couldnt let it pass this over hype of this DUD , Prick of Calcutta ha !


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