The trigger point / organizer SABA DEWAN for NOT IN MY NAME – herself is supporter of alleged lynchers – MARUTI GM lynched allegedly by her comrades

Posted on Jun 28 2017 - 7:00pm by admin

please do some research even basic and you will find out what two bit facist and the hypocrite of the highest this lady is hiding behind the garb of leftism to abuse Hindus which is very common for these muslim they dont have the guts to say it on the face so they hide behind communism but in the end their only muslim bullshit pours and their whole agenda to divide this country

this lady is a  part of the group that lynched the Maruti GM – what a amazing hypocrite to lead a thing against anti lynching  -  and please do check out below she crying for Najeeb no tears for the 1500 children that disappear in Delhi only tears for their muslims such a Islamo facists  scum  and pretending to play the victim card bullshit – nobodies buys your bullshit muslim persecution complex anymore not even muslims – say even 10000 people turned for the event its still a flop show that shows that even muslims themseleves didnt turn up they know the ground reality and know that these incidents are a aberration and they know the upper caste class islamo fascists like you playing politics for your own gain .

saba dewan maruti



saba dewan najeeb

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