The so called cabal of Lutyens left liberal English media trying to influence but on the contrary they have created a great divide and pushed voters towards the right spectrum with their lies,disinformation,communalism etc

Posted on May 2 2018 - 9:00am by admin

English media is totally dominated by the cabal of these so called liberals lutyens and its a amazing eco system and they are all over the place

Be it publishing the Crony start up Chiki Sarkar and others

Online they are a majority Newslaundry , Wire , Scroll , Altnews , Mullhon ka Reporter kinds etc

Tv Print radio and even in events and NGO types pretending to be unbiased

Right is making some effort with Swarajaya , OpIndia and one fire breathing Dragon on TV

yet the effort by the this Lutyens left liberal cabal has done a remarkable thing it has pushed a vast majority of consumers of such news to the rilght for the sheer hypocrisy and lies peddled by the this set of news media

You might see the dominance of the Lutyens Left media but no one believes them instead they are only meant for abusing and its pushing the voters to the Right

English media doesnt really matter in electoral calculations that is why BJP hasnt  botherced to create a mass ive eco system like the Congress of Burkha , Rajdeeps ,Virs ,Category five morons, some ugly butt face with attitude etc instead they very cleverl y exploited the disgust with this fake and lying media to their advantage which only plays to divide on the basis of religion , caste etc and in the end it backfires on them

so cabal is highly useful for some and highly useless for another .t

Though the Congress eco system of media owners and specially journalists it has been a highly profitable venture for them it made millionaires out of small timers but everyone can see the corruption in all this and they are not journalist but political activists of a party

instead of catching and influencing votes they are actually pushing the voters to the other side

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