The shameful part of of the FIFA Under 17 cup happening in Delhi and Delhi soccer is in shambles ,DSA no election and allegations of sexual harassment and talent being wasted , the football scene is rife with sifarshis and other corruptions .

Posted on Oct 7 2017 - 7:08pm by admin

Dont know if this is true but no player from Delhi in this FIFA under 17 India squad shows the dismal state of Delhi football and its stagnation and even worse petty politics and then there are charges of sexual harassment added to the mix and have heard that a certain coach made the girls team wash his underwear this is the pathetic state of Delhi football and its not that there is dearth of good players in Delhi it is just there is no urge to nurture that talent instead we have set system same old clubs and petty politics which keeps on interfering and sending sifarshis for tournaments and it no secret and how great talent is wasted and destroyed by these sporting bodies which are supposed to nurture talent .

what goes on in these back end offices and the Daru which goes on and its a all shady uncles club who are least bit interested in football they are only bothered to play politics and win elections unless and until they are kicked out the same old crap will persist , football is as popular as Cricket in Delhi and perhaps more people play football and yet it is languishing in Delhi because of these people at the helm of Delhi football and they just simply get away because they control the whole system in a way as to win elections and be back in control .

These people shady people need to be named and shamed in major newspapers for destroying football in Delhi and running DSA as their personal fiefdom and worst they are destroying talent , Delhi could have been the best in soccer but it doesnt have one player in this under 17 squad .

if one had more time one would have written about these crooks who have destroyed Delhi Football and the corruption that takes place and their Daru culture of these shady men and worst the culture of sifarish and corruption .

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