The shameful part is Shoma Chaudhury is back and rehabilitated by the media houses and worst people are helping her out by appearing in her shows and her role and complicity in the Tarun Tejpal is forgotten then these media houses and people are talking of Me too

Posted on Oct 9 2018 - 6:25pm by admin

The shit  brothers Suhel swapan really like her and sell shit recently retweeted her tweet about Pehlu Khan and then deleted it petty thing but shows to which side these shit brothers lean on but worst they think no one is watching these jokers dont know they think they are untouchable they have some top lawyers for who they front for and they think they are big fish and cannot be touched  but what they dont know that there Hawks and Sharks watching and waiting powers way beyond their understanding in case they think they know the entire system and game from hunting with your gang be careful hunter will be hunted in time

The real shocking part is how she is back and has been quietly rehabilitated and shame on all the bastards who are helping her knowing her complicity in the Tarun Tejpal episode and dont worry you will be exposed


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