The real issue is that builders have all the rights and buyers all the obligations , the court needs to go the root – the agreement / terms and conditions

Posted on Oct 16 2016 - 6:43pm by admin

The real issue is the buyer / seller agreement which is loaded totally in favor of the seller aka the builders where the builders have all the rights and buyers have all  the obligations – moreover if the buyers were to disagree with the terms and conditions the only option they have is to not buy into the project .

Sad part is that the courts are also not taking stringent action against the builders when they have totally defaulted on their own terms and conditions – they havent delivered apartment forget on time but after a few years and court is now giving them the option to refund the buyers – hope they the interest – because if a buyer was to default they would haul them over coals and charge a massive interest rate and threaten to cancel their registration etc


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