The real enemies of the BJP and people in general is sifarshi cozy club of Stephens and BJP has appointed of all the people men like Amitabh Kanth and Arvind Subramanian helping this cozy club .

Posted on Jul 13 2017 - 7:44pm by admin

One wonders is the BJP short on people that they have to appoint these Stephanian’s helping this cozy club of sifarshi networked cabal , sure they are well qualified but they are far more qualified and better people than them but the Stephen’s media network props up these two in the front and there is a reason for that they are looking forward to their interests , Stephens comes first and you can easily spot on social media the sifarshi Stephenian’s building up the cult of personality for these two and these two also very friendly with the Stephens variety of media .

Why is BJP promoting these Stephenians who are very much against the BJP and yeah few are on the side of the BJP like Pioneer chap but again you got see his son’s best friends with the other side and then Swapan Das Gupta he is hardly relevant and always trashed by Mani Shankar Aiyar  then there two other wont name them they are right leaning and try to be balanced , one goes ballastic when the Fauji issue come up and the other more on the data side and both have no qualms getting published by Chiki Sarkar whose handler we all know is the AIYAR family and her commie roots so wouldnt call them right wing in any sense again Stephenian more like it , cuts through everything .

Why in the world would the BJP specially Mr Modi have any Stephenian in their scheme of things because if given half a chance they will rip apart BJP and Mr Modi  they are the real enemies for them and yet they are so relevant the worst sort of neo feudal sifarshi elites for them Stephen’s sifarshi network is above everything and BJP is nurturing these people who will see to it that BJP ceases to exist , makes you wonder are there Stephanian moles in BJP or people whose loyalties lie on the other side and all this opposition by the BJP is just a farce when in reality they are also subservient to the cosy sifarshi club of the great and mighty STEPHENS .


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