The media is hand in glove with these Private education money making rackets they have no qualms in milking them for ads and doing their PR and keeping silent about their violations most of all shady owners , milked IIPM and now its AMITY ,GD GOENKA etc types

Posted on Sep 11 2017 - 6:41pm by admin

The shameful part about this Ryan International School incident is that it is media which is supposed to be the watchdog of the people is hand in glove with these educational institutions which are now nothing but money making rackets and the media for the sake of ads themselves are in collusion with them and not only do they milk them for ads but also do their PR and the best is when the rankings come out they rank them with top institutions and its amazing the glaring bias and then you have their ads on the side – there have been so many incidents in AMITY yet they get away scot free no hue and cry and issue are solved the question one has is what did the media do about the IIPM nothing they just milked them for ads barring a brave person who took them on and was sued and all sorts of legal games were played with him and in the end IIPM got the dose from the courts and what did the people do nothing when the media should be held accountable for letting it run in the first place atleast done a small decent investigative piece on the issue of IIPM but instead they were all shut up with ads full page ones .

Its not that IIPM is dead but there are lots and lots new players with loads of cash to be milked for ads for the media and for all events like AMITY and there is no scrutiny on them and let me tell these guys like all these crony educational institutions are not only politically well connected but are putting money in the right places and the whole system is well oiled but the worst in the food chain the sharks are the media with their open mouths and keeping it shut if you fill it with ads .

These shameful media and media owners are equally answerable to the people for keeping shut about the rotten education system run by shady money making thugs and the worst is now the media and media owners are themselves in this business of education with schools and colleges on subsidized lands as political patronage to keep your mouth shut gift so the rot runs very deep and only an unbiased media can expose it but for now the media and media owners should also be held accountable for not checking on these glaring lapses .


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