The Issue of Friday prayers in Gurgaon in the open .

Posted on May 5 2018 - 7:13am by admin

This use to happen in Mumbai and the result was disastrous and lead to serious communal situation in the end and we know what happened and resulting in a communal situation and the same is happening in Gurgaon and basically outsiders temporary migrant workers are creating a situation and peaceful hindu neighborhoods are in the grips of tension why  should this be allowed and tolerated why should permanent residents suffer any tension because of some people who have no stake in the city and create  any sort of disturbance whatsoever and how can the government allow it

This nonsense projected in left liberal media that muslims praying peacefully and aggressive Hindus stopping them please ask the Hindus of the area wether they are ok with it or not wether they feel disturbed or not dont give this bullshit of bechara muslims victims of Hindu rightwing .

Is this what it means when they say no disturbance well how do they know wether the local residents are getting disturbed or not ?

This cant be an excuse that we dont have enough mosques so we will occupy public spaces to pray and it is gathering of only men

from small gathering they have grown to hundreds and will expand to thousands on the roads

please tell where all this is taking place in Delhi NCR and why specifically Gurgaon and from one place now anywhere they gather and start with a loudspeaker

Will the muslim dominated areas of Jamia Abdul Fazal etc allow Hindus migrant workers to gather and pray and offer aartis

Please tell where all this takes place in Delhi there are many migrant workers in Delhi and not enough mosques and prayer areas

Why should it be allowed in the open in the first place and that too next to peaceful hindu dominated areas

why were those  protesting against it arrested and this too  under the BJP government in place

It is only a large gathering of men only  it can seem very menacing for the residents and it also seems like assertion of presence and could feel very intimidating to the Hindus though they claim to be peaceful and all but we  seen how protest and other break out after friday prayers and the recent one in Delhi for Rohingyas

The presence of Bangladeshis and Rohingya and others

this nonsense about 6 lakhs or more muslims in Gurgaon and very few mosques first of all who came up with these numbers and so what even if the muslims are 6 lakh why should they be allowed to take over the streets

Sikander and DLF 2 gate temples were removed for road projects so where they pray they can also be shifted

peaceful Hindu neighbourhoods are now in a tense situation because of all this and then they call it not disturbing anyone

Delhi one had written the mullahs after Friday prayers went on protest for Rohingya who knows what they will do heremi for what

they are temporary migrants what stake do they have in the city and what if there is some situation who will suffer its the majority Hindu residents

lets not forget what happened at Tauru and what the majority muslims did to Hindus and what action was taken later so much of muslim tolerance and the Park which the occupied in Chauma with construction later demolished under the Hooda government and those writing letters are they residents of Gurgaon or just playing the liberal secular card and politics

NH-8 dont know if the traffic blocked but there is case in the court regarding this and blocking of traffic for prayers on the highway


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