The Education World Indian schools rankings ,good effort : list for Delhi NCR schools does not mention the criminals who are running these schools and creating a system of apartheid , no mention of corruption,sifarish,money taken for admissions

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The Indian Schools Ranking is good idea and good effort , the list keeps on expanding to new cities which is great and the Education World magazine has commissioned an agency to do the rank and list the schools on various parameters , now the basic question one has for the company which has done the ranking are they ethical because they were working for a certain media company and have incidentally ranked their school at the top end of the list which one is sure they deserve to be there but the a small disclosure would have helped and one is not sure but the company also did rankings of MBA schools etc, so all these disclosures would have helped and then one sure the owners of Education World are friends with a lot these educational institutions owners and in that case a disclosure would be in order and then issues of Adverts on the side,  one hasn’t gone through the magazine to know of the ads but one is sure many have advertised that’s how this game is played milking the educational institutions and great they are having event for this ranking at the LEELA .

Now we come to the Delhi NCR ranking ,methodology in place and points given for various parameters but it is absurd , how did they give numbers and values to certain parameters ? Most of it looks like personal discretion and some abstract formula but still give it marks for even trying to make a effort . absurdity right at the start Heritage school is the number one school in Gurgaon


The top schools of Delhi NCR the list is  very predictable  and sure they must be the best but it depend on your discretion  but on the parameters set they would take the cake ; what the list doesn’t tell us about these top schools the unethical means they employ to see to it that take in the most elite students from the top families and practise a form of unsaid apartheid and a school like Sanskriti was criticised for that in a high court judgement for that and as for the others on the list at top end most of the kids are from upper strata and sure they try and adhere to the EWS regulation and but have found ways around that too and you will see great alumni emerging from these schools like take the case of Modern School Vasant Vihar, not that they were brilliant students or great faculty but simply because most of those who studied there were from the elite strata and used it to rise further in a Crony based system and so is the case of most of these top schools ranked here .

A lot of sifarish and other  means were used to get into those schools and thats the one list one wants to see the list of school principals who took money on the side to get children in and owners did some favour to some useful politician and other such shady deals are struck on the side in these schools which are dens of corruption and have become money making rackets .

will add more later and if one has the time right about some of these top schools and rackets they run and the apartheid they carry out keeping meritorious and poor students out for sake of some money , some sifarshi who could be useful to the principal and the school owners are admitted .

Most of these top schools are run by people who just in the business of making money two bit criminals and the worst they have created a apartheid of the elite to keep the lower and the middle class disadvantaged in this game of education and if you go into the background of some of these people who are running schools you will find two bit criminals , what sort education and values can they impart to kids .

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