The courts in Delhi had to intervene to shut some joints in Hauz Khas while the tinderboxes of Khan Market operate with impunity and also the ruckus over CP open terrace even after the collapse .

Posted on Dec 29 2017 - 6:15pm by admin

The Hauz Khas joints are walking distance from Uphaar and you can see how much little has changed even after the tragedy and even now there are joints in Hauz Khas which are fire safety hazards and still operating .

Khan Market this overrated and overhyped market and made worse with shitty back lane joints with a small staircase with electrical boards are the only entry and exit are being allowed to operate despite there being a fire there you can imagine the money being made and given that despite everyone knowing the tinderboxes these joints are they are operating with impunity and telling people to screw off they are above the law .

Then there is CP and the hue and cry over rooftop joints even after one collapsed and mind you two newspapers were pro in their slant for these joints and we know why .

Then there is GK 1 and 2 and markets with retail shops with no fire safety or other safety MG road furniture shops and on go on and on where does this end and who is incharge .

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