The breath taking hypocrisy of certain people when they socialize and celebrate this slime ball Shashi Tharoor who was charged with abetment to suicide of his wife and marital cruelty under sections 306 and 498A of the Indian Penal Code.[114]

Posted on Nov 2 2018 - 6:52pm by admin

Dont if people have basic moral and ethical standards but guess if it comes to someone from their own circle even if they had some conscience left they leave it wipe their ass with it when it comes Shashi Tharoor the man is charged with such serious crimes and it is not some domestic violence case it is abetment to suicide of his wife which absolute cruelty of the highest order and so bad that person kills oneself and yet this slime is roaming around and feted on top of that and people are socializing with him inviting him to events and his word is taken as some gospel being sung and the scoundrel is making all the right kind of noises for a certain set of people the audacity to send legal notices its just amazing how this two bit scoundrel is playing the game knowing the dead ender he is but what he shows us is the way so called certain set of people become totally bereft of morals and ethical compulsions when it comes to one of their own specially from the Stephens Cabal and certain women who are otherwise great feminists and very vociferous when it comes to MJ Akbar but eating out of the hand of this scum who is on the same scale as him – charge of abetment of suicide and cruelty on a woman named Sunanda Pushkar and it could have been far more had it not been this person Mr Ishwar of the Delhi Police ,now you go figure out who is and what is his connection to this case and whose side he is on and it will unravel something for you .

Only yesterday the in laws of Anissia Batra were taken in police custody and there was a campaign for justice for her and mind you she also committed suicide allegedly due harassment and cruelty by her husband and yet here the whole family is taken in judicial custody and people were very vociferous in the talk for justice for her but not the same for Sunanda Pushkar instead this slime is being feted everyday and as a sign of desperation appealing to a certain set .

The point being such mind boggling double standards for one scum and slimeball Shashi Tharoor by the so called elites of certain set and you will be judged for it in time for the lack of basic conscience and having any sort of moral and ethical standards when it came to one from your circle .

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