Text Books should be free , collaborative , second by second updated working and using all digital platforms like AI and VR and there is money to be made still .

Posted on Jan 8 2018 - 8:32am by admin

The burden of expensive text books and how schools were looting parents , AMITY was selling under its own brand and wont allow students old books to be passed on and when one saw the utterly overpriced one was shocked at the racket in the name of text books which even one had to endure over the years in school and college and glad that the government stepped in specially the CBSE which has issued a stern warning to schools from selling books or uniform and its suddenly given rise to a atleast a 1000 shops selling school uniforms and books .

But the question one still has why are children made to go through these shitty books hazy diagrams and bad explanations on various topics why cant they be more innovative digital with tools available and in it lies a great opportunity which one is mentioning and with no cost to the student instead a student can be collaborator and the subjects can be made in such a way as to gamify them and for the weaker students to collaborate and learn with other easy digital methods not only in text or two dimensions but in all dimensions and that too anytime anywhere .

First of all the new method of the content should be collaborative immersive etc and can be easily built up with tools available online and given to students at no charge and can be used on any platform and device .

the real question is how does one make money on it , well there is a revenue model in place and you will know soon .

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