Surma Bhopali aka Vivek Agnihotri vs bhai tu admi hai ya pyjama aka Abhinandan Sekhri the dud from Doon

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Managed to watch the video of the interview being milked by Newslaundry to  get more Subscribers and they must have gotten a lot of them that they got another Right leaning guy some Hindol and sure they must waiting for the flood gates of funding to open like THE KEN know the game they are playing and one can bet most of their subscribers would be known to them and others would be of their ideological spectrum the Urban Naxals kinds funding them and will not get into the spectrum of their handlers and masters for now .

By the way when one has to call someone an idiot one usually says bhai ” tu admi hai ki pyjama ” lest this joker take it literally like in the Quote “thank god i am a atheist ” which Vivek repeatedly try to explain to him but then a guy who walks around in his Doon school night suit pretending to be what ? but desi he surely is not which he refers very frequently to others .

Now the interview was meant to ambush Vivek and dissemble his falsehoods and discard him in the dustbin of oblivion but instead it showed nothing but a raggedey ass pyjama admi unable to hold his own and getting trashed by Vivek though the part about ” im an expert karate fighter was funny ”

FACTS ARE NOT FACTS the which became the lynchpin of this interview and Vivek did try and explain maybe lacking in articulation very much like us that that you have your facts maybe they are not facts from me

The shocking part is that the Facts took a religious turn and this Pyjama man went on to say which could be construed as Blasphemy for Hindus but Mullhon ka darr and Church ka Sevak the  Abrahamic  gods are fact but the Hindu one hmm but dont worry we are chilled out about your blasphemy and ignorance and understand where you are coming from and  we stand for absolute free speech if there is anything like it

By the way when Columbus sailed for India he was laughed at and thought to be lunatic because it was believed and it was the FACT that the earth was flat

Till middle ages and till much later Aristotelian physics and logic was FACT

and here are some gems from Aristotle

why do objects move towards the earth ?

Aristotle – objects yearn to be united with earth

why do objects slow down when you put them in motion ?

Aristotle – objects in motion slow down because they get tired

Heard somewhere

It is a relative world depending for its reality upon our consciousness

And another one on which this Pyjama try to rip apart Vivek about some numbers of 40% of India is under Maoist grip that again was clarified via a new article but the nasty little tweet which one is sure grabbed from some book of insults because after seeing the interview looking for something profound instead the interview was way below mediocre to say the least and his sole objective to ambush Vivek instead it was quite the opposite which was unexpected but no matter what Vivek has given Newslaundry a new lease of life and whole load of Subscribers and then get more funding

This joker of the Pyjama variety to whom once some Talveen Singh said could eat you for breakfast well he got pissed on by Vivek next time Pappu come better prepared and dont waste people’s time with your crap


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