Supreme Court orders interim stay on nursery admissions in Delhi

Posted on Apr 11 2014 - 12:37pm by admin


New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Thursday ordered interim stay on the nursery admissions in Delhi till further order.
Some of the parents had petitioned against Delhi Supreme Court order for the scrapping of transfer points system.
On April 3, the Delhi High Court had lifted the stay from nursery admissions.
The admission of students selected in first round of draw of lots was confirmed by the High Court for students who scored 70 points or more.
Though, the Supreme Court has once again ordered stay on the admissions.
The lawyer of the parents, Nidesh Gupta said that the admissions already done will be subject to decision of Supreme Court.
The parents alleged fake transfers and filed a petition for scrapping the transfer point system. Thereafter, a fresh draw for the 70 point category was ordered.
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