Strange silence in the media on this creep Suhel Seth and let me tell you this shameless bastard wont go down easy the who’s who is invested in him from top politicians and a lawyers and worst the media itself the fucking enablers of this asshole

Posted on Oct 11 2018 - 7:01pm by admin

Wrote about this creep and his brother Swapan Seth one likes to call them the SHIT brothers what a bunch of scum they are and with new revelations coming about this creep Suhel Seth and the silence in the mainstream media specially the TV news channels who are blaring about the other Asshole MJ Akbar but this creep Suhel Seth is as much important to the discussion about the Metoo movement and one can bet there must be many he must harassed but the question is where does this asshole get the audacity  to do all this with such impunity and then come on Television channels who treat this two bit hustler as some authority on every thing

[ By the way his shameless brother after all these allegations is still tweeting as though he couldnt be bothered travelling to Kashmir and back thats level of the shameless creeps his brother and him are partners in some company and very very close and is otherwise very sophisticated and what not but on this he is behaving as though nothing is wrong fucking scum man of taste my foot ]

Let me tell the audacity comes from being close to certain very powerful lawyers and politicians who are not only his friends but family friends and the lawyers think they think are above the system and some are defending famous alleged rapists and have even gone on to use SLAPP which in democracy like ours is against the Freedom of Expression but then like one says there is sick Cabal of these legal types who know they can play the system .

This Creep Suhel has the protection of that powerful legal Cabal those who think they are above everything and are front for them and lot of corporate’s and made a fortune in turn and has gotten carried by his own hype

The shocking part is the guy is so drunk and high on power under protection of certain people that he can do anything and will get away fucking creep though in reality he is a two bit hustler and there way way bigger players in the game the real sharks who could eat for a snack two bit creep

This shameless creep wont surrender so easy will definitely will be planning a strategy with his lawyer buddies but shame on the enablers of this creep and those who protect him dont realize the game is way beyond them and their reputations will harmed and this creep is not worth it because you dont understand how badly it will cost if you protect him

though waiting for the names of the those who will offer him protection will not name them want people to know the enablers of this creep .




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