Strange no one is talking about the creeps in the legal fraternity and they are well known and its very cozy club and the who’s who and corporate’s flaunt their proximity to them

Posted on Oct 10 2018 - 7:16am by admin

It is well known these debauched creeps in legal  and it is who’s who and yet no complaint against them which is shocking the very whisper network is there about them but no one can come out against them and they also know they are untouchable because they know how to play the legal system and will crush anyone who stands up against them and have even defended some in the judiciary very successfully and are lawyers for some others who are accused of sexual harassment the question is do they think they also can get away with almost anything and are getting away with it who knows and there needs to be a investigation on it .

The worst part is no one in the media has the guts to speak or put a news o n them some of them are their best friends and many who’s who flaunt their closeness to them as though some subtle threat or warning to those who have anything on them and these are very respectable people who flaunt their proximity to these lawyers mind you .

These people need to be named  and shamed specially because they are well aware of the law and then they have such a audacity imagine the power they wield that they think they are above the law

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