So Sanjay Rishi finally quit American Express is it over Nirav Modi / Firestar and he was also on considering his cosy relationship with Kapil Chopra which one calls misuse/ conflict of interest , his other partner in crime is still heading Amex India and carrying on the shady legacy in full swing

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had one wanted to expose Sanjay Rishi and Manoj Adhlakha they would have quit long time back but let it pass

one wrote about the shady boys club of Amex top honcho poncho and one could have written a lot about their shady wheeling and dealing which in India would be considered normal but a company which is considered as being the finest these shady dealing would be considered highly unethical and if you went by the American corporate standards these people would be under serious investigation.

Sanjay Rishi one would say far better than the shady successor in India his buddy who thinks he is a stud boy and super smart and knows how to play the system if one ever revealed the truth he wont know where to hide

Both these honcho poncho enjoyed very close connections with this very shady Kapil Chopra of the Oberoi fame under whom certain incidents took place at Oberoi but no news or were hushed up and he has that media guy Vir Sanghvi of the Nira Radia fame and once we expose him dont have the time for the article but have some stunning material on this shameless scum of the worst sort posing as a journalist and some food critic or whatever

But question is basic did you enjoy Oberoi hospitality on what basis and then get on the board of and also get y

Manoj Adhlakha recently tied up after taking a nice trip at some Oberoi’s Vilas wont you call it a strange coincidence Sanjay Rishi is on and they are enjoying hospitality  of the Oberoi’s remember who Kapil Chopra is and was at Oberoi’s but then this small change one is talking about one here is not talking of conflict of interests serious cases but one is not interested in exposing them



but look at all these two bit honcho ponchos of the shady variety all caught in one net finally like they say birds of a same feather flock together there should be investigation on these corporate honcho ponchos as to wether they knew what was going on if possible lock them up






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