So Badboo aunty / Trehans are on the verge of being mega millionaires and what is shocking is under the very nose of the BJP its a darn shame Tejpal,Bagga legal notice , Aiyar Lal connect etc Who are their protectors in the BJP ?

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Was wondering why Badboo aunty no tweeting well she is on the verge of being a mega millionaire and that too in dollar terms Manipal TPG making a bid for Medanta

The shocking part all under the nose of the BJP and that too after she unleashed a legal notice on Bagga for something for which a legal notice should have been served on them for distorting a interview and using SLAPP and on the joker interviewer for saying Hinduism is not fact but the  Abhramahic faiths are fact  but then everyone is tolerant and we believe in free speech but she doesnt of others we guess

But is the sheer audacity of her’s and Newslaundry to pull a stunt like that on the BJP itself and it comes from a certain arrogance of power and protection of other forces the LALs of Eicher and his best buddy AIYAR kinds and there are people in the BJP itself who are protecting them one is already out their family friend and also kids are best friends with his kids .

Maybe the BJP’s memory is short but never forget her glory days of connections with Tejpal and still on it with Sanjoy K Roy and others and even went on to write a book in such absolute fascination with the Tehelka episode

The scary part when she silenced the BJP guy with a legal notice now can you imagine with all that money what she will do crush anyone and on top of that their Newslaundry which is clearly biased to the left Lib and once in while a article for the Right but they are part of the larger game and narrative which is serves a agenda of certain party .

Its a darn shame that BJP under Mr Modi is rewarding these very guys who with all the money made will come back to haunt hit BJP and specially the RSS if you see the whole tone and tenor and in the LAL’s of Eicher and their Mani Shankar Aiyar everyone knows the game indirectly as to who really they work and controls them indirectly but then these being mere conjectures could be a reality when they are made mega millionaires

The other pertinent question is when they arent such mega millionaires they have used their legal powers to crush small timers case being the boy who died from Dengue and the Bagga notice are they decent moral ethical people ? or just plain outright hoodlums with a legal weapon and political power at their disposal ?

If at this juncture they are using their power so ruthlessly can you imagine if they are made into Mega Millionaires and what they might do to people who will come in their way and these are exactly the kind of people who should never be given too much money or power because they are ruthless and one is only mentioning two episodes which are recent calling.

Dont forget their family politician Kamal Nath who incidentally has many BJP close friends which is again shocking to say the least while on one hand we are told he is of the opposing part on the other hand this guy is best buddies with very same people telling us that they are rivals = also the funding for such people and in a way BJP will be funding a Congress candidate indirectly in such a case

The real worry is their nature of ruthlessness and to crush anyone who comes in their way and to use the legal weapon at hand and that too at a time when they are paper millionaires the fear is once these people are made mega millionaires one can imagine what the will do then and totally obliterate anyone who comes in their way with the legal political and media is their ghar ki dukan the lady goes unchallenged only the social media has something to say and they are also ignorant of what these Trehans really are as to how ruthless they are .

One would have been happy if a kind hearted and at the end of it a decent human was to get that wealth not like the Shady brothers ,Suhel Shit etc kinds and they are nothing these guys way far more ruthless and powerful and the only way such people are put in their place and learn some humbleness is if the government acts against them but instead they are rewarding them makes you wonder who is really protecting them in the BJP and letting them get away with all the millions

We need wealth to be given to people who are kind and sharing not some ruthless people who use the legal as a weapon and they are hardly some big sharks and themselves can be crushed is what they dont realize and yet they think no end of  their own power and connections which they flaunt with some lawyers and the sheer audacity to send a legal notice to a BJP Delhi Mr Bagga for something they should have been sent a notice for and with multiple charges and the BJP letting them get away with it somehow shows insider protection to them who of all the people least deserve any good grace from the Right Wing but but only contempt and should have been given a taste of their ruthlessness in equal measure and put in their rightful place .

We need kind decent people to have wealth not some ruthless powerful people with legal weapons at their disposal and worse these people will hit at the Right hard so in a way creating a monster of sorts for their own selves

Hope Mr Modi Mr Amit Shah and RSS are paying heed

very disappointed



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