So Badboo aunty aka Madhu Trehan declares she is Arya Samaji and some bullshit story about some Guru said something etc and we surely believe your version by the way what happened to your Nichiren Buddhism and do you know Sanskrit and Vedas ?

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Was wondering why this so called Don of the media is silent maybe she is lying low for now till the Medanta deal goes through and Mr great doctor Naresh Trehan cashes out loaded before something hits them because they have a lot of skeletons in their closet and are on the same level as the shady Singh brothers but are more sophisticated and with a serious media cover though if one had the time it wont work and could have given those who are wanting to buy into Medanta a whole lot to think about investing in it on the contrary there should be an investigation in various irregularities too many to mention .

Now to the Badboo aunty and Arya Samaji comment well that is declaration of some intent though cant fathom the game here though it is petty attempt at someone we know but this Guru ji  she mentions and the story please authenticate hard to believe people like you .

One heard she was pretty big on Nichiren Buddhism and called herself Buddhist if one’s memory serves one right and maybe aunty jee should know liars need to have a good memory but then you are a paragon of virtue and honesty indeed .

Dont know how well versed this Badboo aunty is about what it means to be a Arya Samaji

Students were not allowed to perform murti puja (worship of sculpted stone idols). Rather, they performed Sandhyavandanam (meditative prayer using Vedic mantras with divine sound) and agnihotra (making a heated milk offering twice daily).

The study of Sanskrit scriptural texts which accepted the authority of the Vedas were taught. They included the VedasUpanishadsAranyakaKashikaNiruktaMahabhasyaAshtadhyayiDarshanas.

just some of the stuff about being Arya Samaji and one is sure she is good in Sanskrit and scholarly when it comes to Vedas , Upanishads etc and must have gotten married according to austerity of Arya Samaj and no murti Puja for you must have a Havan and the eternal fire and rituals and being a true Arya Samaji one is sure you follow diligently

The question here is what is Badboo aunty’s game is she trying to hit at someone or she is trying to be on the right side of someone but whatever one thing is for sure she is the last person anyone one should ever believe but she is so used to getting away with her crap that she goes on and on not realizing she is getting entangled in her own web of lies and deceit but then she is the Don of the media she can get away with anything wait till the Medanta deal goes through and the Trehan’s cash out then there will be no stopping them .



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