So another Murthy in a sexual harrasment case this time Mahesh and we were the first to write about it even before Factor Daily , Puneesh Murthy a serial offender and the arrogant Rohan Murthy who has Sheldon Pollock for his library has been also named what action has he taken .

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long before this guy Mahesh Murthy’s serial sexual harassment stories came to light we had written about him and asked Madhu Trehan and Newslaundry about him and did they do a story on him – nope no answers or anything but then didnt expect anything from these crooks at Newslaundry and have kept silent but their amazing audacity to question everyone else and they are very much around and who knows the ladies man Abhinandan could get entangled in some case so its best they keep shut about this .n

THen there is another arrogant little twat who thinks of himself as the real Narayan Murthy this Rohan Murthy who when asked about this Sheldon Pollock heading his library gave some nasty remark to silence everyone thinking no end of himself but the defense of Sheldon Pollock hope one is getting the person and name right this is the same man who said

——   I then went to the chairman of my department who was Sheldon Pollock, a renowned scholar of Sanskrit who is now is at Columbia. Pollock tried to reassure me that Chakrabarty meant nothing by it. I asked him if he would tell his daughters the same if they narrated this tale. He assured me that he would have

has there been a inquiry against this man to arrive at some truth or Rohan Murthy thinks its ok and Sheldon Pollock is a great scholar and hence has a right to defend a person of which he was the Head of the department and one wonders what must be going on here if the man didnt do anything then and is he really the right man for the job with such a allegation by another academician against him .


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