Snigdha POOnam demonstrates the massive campaign against Hindus and demonizing them over the years and now at its peak by so called fake liberals lutyens liberals these are the real hate mongers communal bigots creating divisions

Posted on Jul 10 2018 - 9:15am by admin

would like know how many of these so called Mhullahs will tolerate LGBT in their mullah dominated artaleas , In Sharia what is the punishment for GAYS is it decapitation or death lets see how tolerant these so called mullahs are in their majority dominated ghettos and these fanatics have the audacity to talk about Hindu intolerance

They have such a problem singing Vande Matram but will blare their Azaan in all Hindu areas why should we listen to it and tolerate it these hypocrites need to be given a lesson in tolerance and their fanatic bullshit put to rest and the best part they start playing victim bechara mullahs who dont tolerate anyone when it comes to their religion the world it seems is getting sick and tired of this hypocrisy

The article projects in a very sophisticated way as Hindus being Psychos and these natural born totalitarian kattar mullah males as some angels of peace which even they would laugh at dont know if she has been to Mewat and dealt with these Kattar Mullahs maybe it is obvious deliberate ignorance as she makes her bread and butter from writing anti Hindu stuff .

I challenge that these mullahs allow in all their muslim dominated ghettos migrant Hindu to come and pray in their localities lets see

Does she knew the incidents in Mewat how boycotted Hindus and forces was sent in Tauru and transferred to Gurgaon from Mewat

The attack on police station in Dadri because they found burnt pages of Koran and riots and killduings that happened

Take the case of BK Dutt colony and problems

so please cut the crap you duffer you know nothing of their aggressiveness and violence in the name of their great religion

The real question is they have no stake in the city and  want to occupy it wow! kya badmashi and their bhai log gangs want to take over the city and recently heard some threat was issued by some D company gang and it was traced to Gurgaon you can see the pattern and they tried it in Mumbai and Gujarat for years muslim gangsters bullied the Hindus and eventually what happened we all know these bechara non violent mullahs think they are some toughies and trying it Gurgaon it will have even a more dangerous and terrible backlash enough of the tolerance for these Mullahs maybe they should try it in their homes with their women who are under muslim male totalitarianism

Yeah these mullahs always cry religious discrimination one should ask them how many tolerate Hindus in their ghettos and if they feel religious discrimination go to your muslim dominated ghettos where you dont have Hindus at all and this bullshit of paranoid persecution mania and playing victim doesnt work anymore your fake drama and tamasha now everyone can see through and you have been appeased a lot and have tolerated your intolerance for too long



Ah! this hypocritical commie talking about communal situation they are mutual admiration society and hindu haters and everything mullahs do they wont utter a word lets talk about their totalitarian male privelege





Another joker and writing stuff which is pro we all know and his wife a known bigot abusing hindu gods and they both are making a good living out of that Backed by LAL of Eicher and wife by all specially at one time CHIKI SARKAR her benefactor and these are the real casual bigots and talking about guns and forgot these bhai log gangsters and their culture and please go to Mewat , HIndus are radicalized to counter these kattar mullahs and their fanaticism when it comes to their religion otherwise Hindus are busy doing work not like these unemployed religious fanatics and worst their well off are equally the same fanatics


For 1 and 2 percent mullahs they are busy getting and planting their muslim  labor in these areas as they only feel safety in numbers and it is really wrong if these ladies keep hindu names and are actually muslim but how do you know they muslim maybe they are bengali hindu women get facts then talk and if Hindus were so fanatical then they would have not employed them knowing they are muslim women but that is not the case so this bullshit of discrimination is all rubbish



Thats a fact non of these leaders give a damn about Hindus look what is happening in Gurgaon mullahs have barged in Hindu wareas are demanding to pray in the middle of the road and tommorrow we will have to listen to their blaring loud speaker and Azaan why should they be allowed kya gundagardi these fanatical kattar totalitarian mullahs zero tolerance for other religions specially Hinduism which they were before conversion self loathing  we guess and want others to tolerate anything they do

what have these leaders done when such Hindu bigoted media specially the english version is thriving openly and demonizing hindus and what not have they created a counter narrative or hauled them up or even created another eco system to challenge them nothing just for paltry Shia votes who unlike these Sunni are themselves sidelined by them

As much as one hates writing about Hindu Muslim as one is libesral secular and not particularly religious but this bigoted filth abusing and making Hindus some kind of Psychos and demons should not go unchallenged and this mega profitable cottage industry of these two bit lutyens climbers exposed for what they are the HATE MONGERS and are actually creating a great divide between hindus and muslims and many muslim buy and play along this narrative and bullshit the result will be yothe u can already see rise of the Radical Right and its only going to get stronger

as long as bigoted bullshit article keep pouring bile on Hindus and playing making a Bechara out of fanatical kattar mullahs no one gives POO aboutt maybe delights the mullahs in their delusions the other the Hindus are very angry and hurt and these mullahs are playing with fire along with these so called bigoted lutyen crap


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