Selling Pakoda or even pulling a rickshaw is better than the so called lutyens beggars living of crumbs thrown to them

Posted on Feb 10 2018 - 7:14pm by admin

Those who are demeaning the Pakoda comment are the very scum who live of crumbs thrown to them fucking worse than beggars because there are destitute who if they beg are not wrong but these scum are big time  and really in a big way like the WIRE, ALT NEWS etc  or these NGO millionaires getting donations from where all and everyone knows the racket and these are highly educated beggars from Harvard and Oxford kinds have a set in posh Chankaya Puri running some organization and funding is flowing from all sources and then the worst lot is these pretending to be journalists who have made fortunes by kissing ass and many of these are media owners now .

dont have time to elaborate but this for the scum who demean those struggling on the edge while themselves are freeloading bastards of the highest order and for me these people have been a source of inspiration trying to lead a life of dignity ebe ven in desperate circumstances and maybe the great sycophant Mani SHankar AIyar is the inspiration of these free loading scum but a beggar will always be a beggar and they are far better than the free loaders at Center for Policy research headed by his daughter Yamini and the Crony start up of CHiki Sarkar .

By the way do check out the Harvard COnf by some Prateek Kanwal and this guy after all his Harvard education is doing this for a living shows the level and do also check out is  participants like Madhu Trehan and even this joker Abhinandan this guy Prateek is nothing but a coopting front for a politcal party and guess who is the co founder with him , so you can imagine to what scale these beggars can operate on and in what ways .

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