Seema Mustafa , Tavleen Singh and Badboo Aunty are the Saroj Khan’s of the media – Badboo aunty’s family friend MJ across generations her children very good friends with his children their BJP man and worst these ladies know the whole game yet silence and now this audacity shameful and disgusting sorry your game and time is also up

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Seema Mustafa you are creepy lady even lookslike Saroj Khan here is article by the Tuccha though looks like a Lalaji  who himself is now in the Metoo fire  wonder who is donating to her online news site very curious and if she has guts to reveal the names maybe its creeps like MJ Akbar types who donate to her

Her bullshit about US and Harvey Weinstein and investigation and Nidhi could only find her as a guest huh ! succumb and us older journalists will live with really you give a damn you know the whole game too well and your strategic silences the knowledge about these creeps and you are worried if people close to you get hit by this metoo movement thyoats your only concern and film industry you know too well let me not go there for now and your connections

Here Badboo Aunty less said the better have said so much – nothing on Tarun Tejpal and even worse tying up with Sanjoy K Roy his best buddy and defender – creepy video of her backside being pinched by that creep Suhel Seth guess it is normal greeting in your high society between very good friends ( update she says nothing of this sort happened yeah we believe you but the video says something else but we have to believe you because you are the boss even Rupen Deol Bajaj believes you ) – posting a interview of Chetan Bhagat at this moment but then are the boss of the media -what about your investor creep Mahesh Murthy warned you about him and told you to investigate and you know more than all these things there is fear you have something terrible done by some people close to you and you right because what you fear is true and it will be revealed in time .

badboo nuance

Tavleen Singh lots on her but dont have the time

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