Second sexual harassment case in a week – ( shocking part is the response of the College they should all be investigated . )

Posted on Feb 7 2018 - 6:51pm by admin

 A student from Bharati College has written to Delhi University officials on Tuesday alleging that a teacher at the institution sent her “lewd messages” and made phone calls at “inappropriate times” trying to hold “vulgar conversations.”

This is the second Delhi University student to make a sexual harassment complaint in the span of a week.

On January 31, a student at the Daulat Ram College had filed a police complaint alleging that a teacher had stalked and sexually harassed her.

However, Vijay Kumar, DCP (West) confirmed that they had not received a police complaint in the Bharati College issue.

“I had no option left than to confront him when he asked to meet me outside the college premises and sought sexual favours,” the Bharati College student wrote in the letter addressed to the vice-chancellor of the university and copied to the dean of student welfare and the proctor’s office.

She said in the letter that she was “being traumatised by the college administration, principal, and other staff to not raise this issue any further and to come to college, meet them”. She added that she was being “threatened” with suspension and police cases if she does not “settle” the issue.

Though a copy of the student’s letter, shared with HT by the vice-president of the DU Students Union, shows a receiving stamp from the proctor’s and the dean of student welfare offices, the above-mentioned officials could not be reached for confirmation.

The officiating principal of Bharati College, Mukti Sanyal, said that she had heard of the issue only after the media had contacted her for comment.

“Bharati College has always attended to even oral complaints, and not just written ones. I have an open house policy, where staff and students can come to me at any time with any complaint, and I will deal with it immediately. My Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) has been trying to get in touch with the student. She has not written to us yet,” she said.

Sanyal also said that the accused teacher had no history of such complaints, and that she would follow due procedure, to determine what needs to be done.

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