Schools of urgent need dot zones of poverty – ( good graphics and nicely done )

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- Between January 11 and July 27 this year, Government Girls Senior Secondary School in Karawal Nagar was allotted 24 new teachers.The co-ed school in Baprola was allotted nine,and the Government Boys Senior Secondary School in Sangam Vihar, was allotted four.

Yet, in each case, many of the new arrivals applied for,and got,a transfer to another school at the first opportunity.

Delhi has only 34,681 permanent teachers for 61,674 posts; a shortfall that is only partially compensated by the approximately 17,000 guest teachers hired on short-term contracts.

This year,the department of education took cognisance of the problem and earmarked 311 of its 1,011 schools, or one in every three, as “schools of urgent requirement”,…

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