Rumblings at Vice India – ( its good for VICE that the Tehelka tart and the two jokers left because their agenda was simple anti BJP specially against Mr Modi and Mr Amit Shah and by adding Mr Shah’s name you can clearly see the agenda )

Posted on Mar 29 2018 - 7:23pm by admin

That Vice is a media giant with kickass content in the US is a given. That it created an identity and genre on the back of cutting-edge, uninhibited and provocative programming is clear to see. But is the best content and programming philosophy reserved for western markets, while a developing market like India is to be served a compliant, tame and watered-down version of the original in the name of “cultural and political sensibility”?



While that is a question that comes up owing to recently reported developments at Vice, an appropriate counter to this would be content that will shut us all up. While we hope that happens, here is how some other events have played out till now.



Vice Media’s joint venture with the Times group has had a rocky few months.

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