Delhi one of the most polluted cities in the world.

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Toxicity Delhi part 1

The brain uses 20% of the air we breathe so the cleaner the air the better the functioning of
the mind, hence air pollution can be harmful for the mind and that is why air
quality is of prime importance when it comes to mental and physical health ,one remember a time
when Delhi air was so polluted that my eyes use to be red by the evening people were constantly
suffering eye infections and respiratory ailments due to the pollution ,
drastic measures were used to curb the menace of air pollution and the supreme court stepped in
and the buses after much fight turned CNG and many other measures were taken like moving out polluting
industries out of the city and stricter pollution control for cars and to an extent it did clean up the air
and it was clear from the suspended particulate matter in the air had gone down

that was then and now we are heading back to where we started the pollution levels are once again are
rising and slowly reaching the old levels , why is it happening when effective measures have been taken
to stop pollution , Delhi has one of the highest density of vechiles in the country per person and now there
is a surge in diesel powered vechiles which has offset the gains made from CNG buses and auto and the metro
with a effecient public transport system the there has been a growth of private vechiles and this is adding a
burden to the overstretched road system and there are constant traffic jams on signal free roads and which is
leading to chaos and cases of serious road rages ,

why are these commercial vechiles trucks which confirm to no pollution control norms allowed to pass through delhi everyday
the peripheral roads were one such solution instead the western peripheral road is on the verge of completion and the eastern
peripheral road hasnt even got a full go ahead so the pollution by commercial vechiles will continue .

a recent study done by JNU shows that air of delhi is not only polluted but is contaiminated with toxic metals which takes the
already dangerous pollution level to much higher level of toxic pollution .

the goverment of Delhi needs to seriously start thinking of how to curb the rising levels of pollution

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