Rafiya Naaz / Yoga Issue shows you the extremely fanatical Kattar nature of muslims and their phobia of other religions , if a muslim marries a Hindu she would be a Kafir but hypocrites talk of free choice when a Hindu woman marries and converts to Islam

Posted on Nov 10 2017 - 6:38pm by admin

This small issue of a muslim woman by the name of Rafiya Naaz doing Yoga is enough for the Mullahs and muslims to go insane and she is being threatened and what not , the muslims consider yoga anti Islam some Hindu Practice and she threatened with ostracization and excommunication can you imagine all for doing Yoga thats how fanatical kattar these muslims are in reality and this is the thought process of the majority and you can see some deranged mullahs who have crawled out of their pigsties threatening and what not on television debates .

These very hypocritical muslims one have been tweeting about Hadiya case and some Jaipur case of some Payal who married a muslim and are bring in the argument of womens will and free choice and this was said by none other than a Razkar scum Asaduddin Owaisi , imagine the hypocrisy from this mullah talks of free will and free choice of women while they keep their women in a Darth Vader costume and if she wishes to go out and how they are so proud of Hadiya and Payal for marrying and converting to Islam .

The muslim man is stud boy he can marry screw around has four options while he locks up his woman in Darth Vader costume and yeah lets talk about free choice and free will .

God forbid any muslim woman were to marry a Hindu man , her family would be put through hell in their biradari and the woman who married the Hindu would called a Kafir thats how extreme and fanatical these muslims are but are happy when a Hindu woman is married to mullah and best converts and we Hindus sit here and tolerate this nonsense mind boggling .

These muslims will remain psycho fanatics and the only way to overcome them is to give it them in their fanatical tone and then they learn .

We Hindus have great tolerance for these Katter mullahs and fanaticism and hypocrisy and they are totally going out of hand .

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