Questions for Badboo aunty aka Madhu Trehan regarding Tejpal and sexual harassment allegations against your investor this Mahesh Murthy by none other than Rashmi Bansal another partner in stories Scoop Whoop isnt it a strange coincidence you and these creeps but it is ok as long as they are your kinda creeps .

Posted on Jul 17 2017 - 9:04am by admin

Saw your nice little video at NOT IN MY NAME protest with that photographer RAGHU RAI but what one found really disgusting is that you of all the people put this bullshit of being at not in my name protest the one who takes a such big obligation from none other than Mr Kamal Nath the question is not wether he was involved in the riots or not but he was not let to lead in Punjab under such a charge hanging over his head and your husband takes a obligation to enter a club which is oppressive symbol of Class apartheid and who knows who all like this has obliged you for what all to reach to this level and you put up this facade of NOT IN MY NAME and one is not writing about how you instigated the MANDAL agitation with your Newstrack get the footage and will show you how you used the immolation as your NIGHTCRAWLER moment to make name

Now about Tarun Tejpal when that incident happened you didnt tweet for days and never said a word instead there were some lame attempts by Newslaundry via Sekri’s sister to defend Tarun Tejpal but the backlash quickly made you change tact

Now imagine if your daughter made a allegation of the similar nature against someone and you see all these people defending him , wonder how you would feel specially if the person concerned is all powerful backed up by powerful lawyers and politicians .

The question is not wether Mr Tejpal is guilty or not but to make the victim feel guilty even before the verdict and you align with his best buddy wonder how you would feel if the victim was your daughter and all this went on but then you think you cannot be touched such power and clout  you wield with men like Kamal Nath as protector and who knows who all do the hit job for you if all things fail .

Then there is allegation against your own investor which still stands how bout a story on him to find out the truth and would you be in partnership with someone who has such charges leveled against him and then you have done stories with SCOOPWHOOP again with same charges though they have to be proven but you can do some investigative journalism of your own .


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