Part – 1 – Medanta and its shady investor Sunil Sachdeva and these people are being given a free pass and to cash out with 1000′s crores while Madhu Trehan has the audacity to call herself journalist and Naresh Trehan a doctor

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Not getting the time to write and maybe Naresh and Madhu Trehan think the power they displayed when got none other than J.P Nadda to get a police complaint closed against them that one would learn how and mighty they are and they are beyond and above the law of the land and the shocking part the poor guy who filed a complaint if you read to as to what he was put through the usual dirty tricks and torture to file a police complaint forget FIR and in the end the poor guy gave up and like millions in this nation who if pitted against these high and mighty and in this case the head of a Medical Cartel and the Don of the Media what chances did he have but the shocking part is no media house took it up .

Now back to the story of Sunil Sachdeva check out his profile he is founder at Medanta Medcity 2004 and we know he is a great BA Pass which surely makes him very qualified but what we dont know is how after his college education he came to so much money as to invest in Medanta could be family money but we dont know what business he is into before 2004 would have been very helpful if we knew a little as to what he did before the founding of Medanta sure he must be some great business genius like Naresh Trehan .

Now this great Sunil Sachdeva is MD of Ramsons a listed company no problem with that though not much data on this company but keep your eyes on the list of directors and then you know they are allegedly involved in very shady dealing in South Africa

please read the articles to see the Ramsons connection and address mentioned and the directors in this case you will see the round about way things work and shows you shady nature of this Ramsons and Mr Sunil Sachdeva and yet this should be major news and then corporate Office address is of Medanta isnt that strange and ( clips are down below )which is enough to merit a serious investigation against this Mr Sunil Sachdeva and Medanta didnt know Medanta is a office complex the land was given as Medical space but then these dont give a shit about the law but surely if Ramsons are operating from Medanta there is not only a link but something far more .

Then this shady Sunil Sachdeva runs which is into micro credit never realized the kind of shocking interest rates these guys charge they should be shut down for such blood sucking interests no wonder farmers and small timers are dying when the government is allowing such blood sucking interest rates are being charged from the are poorest of  poor of the nation on the one hand they are sucking the blood in the name of Medical services and then they are sucking the blood pf the poorest with such huge interest rates which  one guesses is allowed and if it is it should be banned , these guys are replacing the local money lenders with their own version of local money lenders and again the address given is Medanta .


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