On the birth anniversary of two great freedom fighters Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azad and Bal Gangadhar Tilak one writes about the Traitors of Hindustan the PATAUDI’s ‘Saif Ali Khan Pataudi has great gene’s indeed when it comes to the traitors of Hindustan and collaborators of the British East India Company this insane guy has illusions like Hitler and think Taimur name was kept in that delusion of insane superiority it wasnt a innocent naming .

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On the birth anniversary of two great freedom fighter  Shaheed Chandrashekhar Azad and Bal Gangadhar Tilak one writes about the Traitors of Hindustan the PATAUDI’s

So this insane joker Saif thinks he is some superior breed when it comes to family and ruling over 40 villages when the British carved out territory of Pataudi as a reward for being traitors to Hindustan and being loyal Pigs of the British East India Company and its amazing how well they were served for being such traitors to Hindustan that they given such a high status in India when we should have banished them instead these pigs are enjoying the status of royalty and all this has finally culminated in this great and the greatest of all royalties in India Saif Ali Khan Pataudi who has this insane delusion that he has some superior genes Hitler would be proud of such talk and add to that Eugenics bhai mein zara dictionary nekal ki check kar loon iska kya meaning hota hai .

These Pataudi’s have been given some bullshit titles of dashing Tiger or whatever crap by a fawning media just because he was some royalty and those were days then they were royalties but  in the India of today you are just another face with a very long nose any pig would be proud of and you sure are but really taking it too far with your looks the MACHO underwear ad where you dance in your chaddi’s is perfect fit for your personality the person who cast you in the ad got it totally right and your ancestors must be rejoicing in their Kabar at last you reached the pinnacle they were aspiring for to dance in their chaddis’s and now we come to the question of genetic superiority which an insane idiot like you assumes of your ancestors who outlived and survived the onslaught of the British and there is particular reason for that you Pataudi’s were great ass lickers of the British and some of the finest traitors of Hindustan that is why .

The shameful part is that you have left to thrive when your assets should have been seized specially by the villages around Pataudi whose hard labor and blood you had sucked over the years and should pay historical compensation to the villagers for treating them as a jagir given by the British for being traitors to Hindustan .

When the name of entire district can be changed from Mewat to Nuh why should we have a area named after these traitors the Pataudi’s who built their wealth on the hard work of the people in that area and they should also pay historical compensation to the people of their jagir .

Its no accident that Saif Ali Khan Pataudi named his child Taimur it was deliberate and it was not only meant to antagonize the Hindu’s but also he really believes in his insanity of his superior genetic bullshit if only if wishes were horses , traitors like them would have died and the sad part is that freedom fighters in this country are not remembered and these Traitors have an area named after them and they are thriving while freedom fighters and their families are not thriving such is the sad state of this country where traitors like PATAUDI’s are talking of genetic superiority. He has Hindu mother a Hindu wife but will name his children with foreign names not even of the sub continent and with muslim names such is his bias for Hinduism why not have a Hindu name is it Haraam for a muslim to name his children with a Hindu name .

And like most upper end of the muslims of Indian sub continent who are ashamed of their sub continental lineage he is no exception they all would like to believe they are either Arabs , Iranians , Uzbeks etc  because they know the shameful reality of what they were and what they have become this insane guy thinks he is fair and lovely descended from superior race and maybe he is Taimur ki Aulad .

Its a shame that traitors who we have nurtured in a Free and Democratic India are talking about their genetic superiority and their great lineage while those who fought for the freedom of the country they and their families are forgotten and left to languish in obscurity and making ends meet .

Hope this Taimur ki aulad remembers the bottle he got hit on his head in Gurgaon at a bar that is what happens to traitors who forget their history in a free India and could have written a lot more on you Pataudi’s but this is will suffice for now .

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