Newslaundry wants to make news a service to the public, not to the advertisers , then what is this MediaRumble and the advertisers there and your investors like Mr Lal of Eicher any stories on him .

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Newslaundry wants to make news a service to the public, not to the advertisers. We believe those who make any effort sustainable, determine its direction. You decide.

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read this bullshit by Newslaundry on top and then very cleverly they leverage their Newslaundry and build a separate  entity  with Tarun Tejpal’s best buddy Sanjoy Roy and set up this event and start collecting money from advertisers and  everybody is chutiya who fell for their bullshit of free independent media service to public not advertisers and that is exactly what they are doing PR for Brands and milking advertisers in the end with all their twists and turns they turn out to worse than media which is upfront about taking ads than BADBOO aunty and her gang giving lectures on Independent media and service to public and not advertiser crap ,Money for nothing and chicks for free thats the way you do it Newslaundry specially Badboo aunty aka Madhu Trehan

Amity – these guys should be investigated instead they shout the mouth of everyone with their advertising throw money and keep these mediawallahs shut and Kapil Sibal as speaker must have surely helped to get the advertising under him under the HRD these guys grew big time .

Pepsi – you should have been doing a article on the long term effects of such soft drinks if you were concerned about public health specially kids instead you take advertising from them and people like you talk about service to public bullshit and Mr Trehan is running a business of healthcare makes you shudder the team of Ms Madhu Trehan who gives us bullshit of independant news etc and Mr Naresh Trehan who takes a back door entry into the Delhi Golf Club is in the business of healthcare such people with not even iota of basic ethics and merely being cronies have made it this far .

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