Is Newslaundry reminding us of in sly way of Gauri Lankesh’s murder and her fate , please scare someone else we know your political henchmen and you can try and do a Peter Thiel we dont give a damn and you have no idea about us

Posted on Mar 26 2018 - 7:29pm by admin

Is one trying to assume too much when there is nothing but then would like to believe in the possibilities hey! Trehans and their henchman politicians and when they can stoop to sell blood donated blood at 5 times the rate these are the real blood suckers of the people so one can expect what the worst specially when so much is at stake but they will be making a terrible mistake if in case they have such ideas because you have no idea about us and what you are really dealing with , trying to this Don and you getting it so you know how much gives a damn about such Dons and bullshit .

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