News these days is nothing less than ‘ Dumb and Dumber ” shows with a bunch of jokers , lunatics etc ranting and raving doing faltu ki backchodi and funny part is that there is a audience for such crap .

Posted on Nov 19 2017 - 9:04pm by admin

There are such serious issues like pollution , malnutrition , corruption , healthcare , education , etc and yet these news channels are discussing some movie and get a bunch of nobodies god knows from where issuing threats and what not and talking about some hurt feelings and how they will kill and burn and then the very same news channel get the so called some experts to discuss the issue and add fuel to the fire , dont know if this is a diversionary tactic by channels of the English variety to divert the news from the serious issues but dont they are that smart now the competition is for who is the dumbest of them all and with most outrageous threats and views .

One wonders is this what the news is reduced to such dumbness and there is a audience for such crap god help this nation ,where there is no discussion on issues which affect the lives of millions living on the edge of existence who dont get a proper meal and are dying on a daily basis because of the sheer neglect by the nation which is supposed to take care of them and here we have media news which is supposed to be their voice is talking on dumb issues which have no bearing on the lives of people on the edge of existence in this great country of ours .

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