New 135 Km Eastern Peripheral Expressway May Be Lifeline Delhi Needs – ( for all we know it might add to the congestion and pollution and they are taking forever to build such short distances )

Posted on Jan 3 2018 - 6:48pm by admin
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  • Chandra
    Good planning with time-bound implementation within two years . We need such facilities in NH 37 also with fixed target date for completion. Assam undue delay in all the schemes for inefficiency of Implementing agencies.

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  • Raj
    We need cleaner fuels so pollution can be addressed with new technology that is already available in EU and US. Retrofit emission control devices for older vehicles should be made mandatory. Fly ash has high mercury content .. We need to make sure the ground water does not get polluted by the use of fly ash. Any vacant area should be covered with plants and other ground covers that can tolerate and thrive in the weather with minimal maintenance. What is the govt policy on crop burning? In US  they rotate corn and soybean to minimize the amount of fertilizer needed. What is the solution that works for India?
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