My question is to both NCR TOI and Hindustan Times newspapers what stories have you done to affect the lives of common people only bullshit stories mostly PR crap no Stings or pro active stings only playing it safe despite the resources at your disposal

Posted on Jan 1 2018 - 6:52pm by admin

The Two largest newspapers of the the NCR region TOI and HT specially in the English category that one reads or maybe they are so loaded it ads its like reading a advertorial paper or something but the question one has for them what stories they have done on a pro active basis which affects the lives of the people , sure one will praise your Breathe campaign and other such crap but even that is not your original story it is collation of data from various sources and you keep on repeatedly churn out year after year by what right do you have to be called newspapers .

You could have done hundreds of stories in pro active manner and checked on the things that are going wrong even in regards to pollution you could have done stories about the illegal polluting units and incompetence of the government but no you are totally complaint with whoever is in power .

Basically lazy ass journalism and not disturbing the status quo as long as you guys are making your money you dont give a shit about anyone and that is worst sort of corruption in the name of journalism and you people call yourself a media houses , yes you have he monopoly over the news but what you are feeding people is utter bullsiht and only bothered about your money .

Never seen a single sting your reporters just sit on their desks and just add stuff and yeah once in a while you hit on some small timers like us but we then kick your ass and you wonder .

Not far from your offices there are kids which are being trafficked kidnapped , tortured , sold and raped and turned into sex slaves worse than animals and then there kids who are slowly put on drugs and how the criminals mafias are harassing common people and have literally started operating openly out every neighbourhood and the massive amount of corruption that normal people are subject to and there are hundreds of stories one point which affect the common man instead we have no stings or super insights by the so called giants of the media playing it safe and let this nonsense fester everywhere far from being watchdogs you guys in a way by not taking them on you are in way a hand in glove and  these mafias are thriving because you being the watchdogs of the public have   allowed the status quo to persist and let this disease turn fatal and one says shame on you .

Best is Times of India group is so scared that it has a stupid CITIZEN JOURNALISM app where they dont point out the problem but you have to take the risk and they are absolved of the legalities and blowback thats how cunning these two newspapers are they want you to do their work for them and take the bullet to while the just fill up their pockets and hopefully when the history is written these newspapers are spat on for being such crooks , Daily Mail India did more pro active stories and stings than you people combined the problem with them the format and Times NOw is very pro active because you need TRP and viewers and we have strong stories but like all newspapers across the country they are in the advertising business then should say so not pretend to be some watch dog of the citizens .

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