Murder video emerges a month after 4 men chased, shot dead Delhi property dealer – ( but muslims are such peace loving people – this is the reality the bhai log gangster culture of aggression , violence and sheer brutality they revel in and what goes on in the ghettos and now they are spilling onto Hindu areas which would have a very serious blowback in the long run for them )

Posted on Nov 29 2017 - 7:09pm by admin

A chilling CCTV footage of the murder of a property dealer in an alleged gang war in north-east Delhi’s Brahmapuri surfaced on Wednesday.

The footage shows the victim Wajid being chased and shot by a group of three men. They are seen following him on a motorcycle as he enters a house in a bid to save himself. Another biker comes and stands outside. The footage then shows Wajid falling from the first floor and being shot by a biker standing outside.

The shooting took place on October 22 and jailed gangster Chhenu’s role had come up during the probe.

Earlier this month, police arrested three men Rashid alias Mumtaj, Rashid alias Golu and Waseem for the murder.

Initial investigation revealed that the arrested persons were allegedly part of wanted criminal Chennu Pehalwan’s gang.

On Wednesday, after the footage emerged, an investigator said Wajid was shot inside the house and at least two magazines or 18 bullets were fired.

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