Mr Kejriwal where are the ‘ren basera’ shelter for the homeless this year,its winters already , do something quick, will hold you responsible for homeless deaths due to the cold .

Posted on Nov 24 2015 - 7:23pm by admin

the last time when you got mandate one was heartened to see you do much for the homeless setting up ran baseras – shelter for the homeless , you went to the extent of setting up shelters in the buses etc and one was really touched by that gesture and action for the poorest of the poor ,but this time around one doesnt see the same concern urgency or arrangements for the homeless one in ones private capacity is trying to help whomsoever one comes across but then that is just a drop in the ocean it needs government support

to be fair you did issue a notification to all religious places built on government subsidy to take in the homeless but one doesnt see them taking any action in this regard it needs to be enforced and that too very quick , winters are already here and there will be many homeless dying from this cold unless the Delhi government takes action soon and please note one will hold you and the government of Delhi personally responsible for all the deaths of homeless people that occur due this winter cold ,

one expects a lot more kindness specially compassion from you in this regard as one knows you do care for the poor , otherwise you will be like any other politician who doesnt care two hoots for the homeless dying on the streets

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