‘Modi killed the goose that laid the golden egg’: India’s economy suffers after communal crackdown on Muslim-run leather industry sends global brands to Pakistan and China – ( Take serious exception to this article )

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First of all one takes serious exception to the article which is hinting at Modi being communal and is destroying the leather industry and article  itself says because illegal slaughter of animals has been stopped , would like to bring to notice that India is still one of the top exporters of beef which is a shame in a country where we revere the cow but still if you check the stats we are the top exporters of beef .

Exports have slowed down in certain categories , take for example Garments industry which has slowed and countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam have in the meantime become some of the largest exporters so is it due to Mr Modi and his communal policies that muslim tailors are unable to make competitive garments .

The whole tone of this article is outright communal and is meant to target Mr Modi , is the article suggesting the government of India allows for mindless illegal slaughter of animals and it is Mr Yogi government who issued notices to illegal slaughter houses and rightfully so .

Challenge people to go to Kanpur and check out the horrid state of leather industry the pollution and the blood and waste being spilled into the Ganga and communal nature of things is all this and how lives of muslims specially who work in this industry is being destroyed due to unhygienic conditions and pollution , many are dying from this, little children to women.

Now one is knows a little about leather industry of Kanpur and knows certain people involved in this trade and can tell you before the ban on illegal slaughter business was stopped , India was exporting raw hides in huge quantities to China you can check the tanners in Kanpur Zazman so this bullshit of leather production having shifted to China when these leather companies themselves were selling raw hides to China and the  was  supply unlimited because they were just illegally slaughtering animals and cattle stealing mafia was always there to supply this trade . So much for the finished goods aspect .

The other aspect is the communal undertones that muslims have suffered losses because Modi is communal in agenda and wants to finish their business as long as they are allowed illegally to slaughter animals they are ok but if not then Hindus and Modi are to blame .

The shameful aspect is that the leather industry is terribly polluting and those who work in it are at a grave health risk including their families who live in those area and do these muslim leather industry owners give a damn about their lives not even a bit they use them and subject them to the worst conditions and leave them to die and trust me been to those areas in Kanpur and found it shocking the conditions the workers were subjected to and found entire families living in those areas and this how much muslims care for their own and the owners like Mirza and Zazman couldnt give a damn and these guys are millionaires and Mirza fellow was school mate of mine and this is the area of Subhashni Ali and what has she done for them nothing but she knows the brutal reality of the place and all these leather industry owners who have the money are buying prime land in posh areas like  Tilak Nagar and other areas .

The most disgusting and shameful part which is truly communal is that pour the waste and blood into the Ganga which flows very closely to the area and the plants for cleaning the pollutants are hardly operational if they are there which were to be set up these very leather barons and you know what they fell a pride in polluting the Ganga with blood thats what one heard from some them , that is communal you bastards , if you respect the river which is scared to the Hindus you wouldnt pour the blood of animals into to it or pollute it but despite orders to install waste cleaning plants most of them dont give a damn its actually time to shut these polluting industry .

The profits from this illegal business is then ploughed into the so called secular parties who when in power have given these leather industry to carry on their illegal operations without any hindrance and can do whatever they want pollute the rivers and illegally smuggle cattle and slaughter them and now they have a government which is actually checking them and making them accountable to the law and they simply cannot digest it and Bravo to Mr Yogi for tightening the screws on illegal meat shops and these rackets and hopefully he will shut down these illegal polluting leather business in Kanpur which pours the blood into the Ganga .

The disgusting part is the communal angle given to the article and as usual Modi is dragged into it and blamed for everything , the government should shut those units which are polluting the Ganga and arrest their owners they have thrived on illegality and made fortunes and not given a damn about animals or human lives for their greed and really we dont need these industries based on illegal slaughter of animals and worst of all terribly polluting shut them up .

Hopefully India wont be the top beef exporter which is shameful for a nation which reveres the cow , it should be banned .

Does the country need profits from such a cruel and barbaric industry based on slaughter and worse given rise to illegal cattle mafias which are killing people and endangering lives poor Pehlu Khan was lynched on that suspicion because of these cattle smuggling mafia being so rampant .

We in India if we revere the cow then need to shift from leather to an alternative to leather and now many options are available and should promote those industries and also invest in meat created in machines from stem cells so that animal meat is eliminated in the future .

Most important to shut down these highly toxic polluting leather units they are the biggest killers and the way they pollute the rivers and water table like no other and these leather industry owner primarily being muslims have had the luxury of so called muslim appeasement parties who they fund and have gotten away with any checks and they for money are destroying the Rivers and environment in general and killing people in this way .

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