Massive opportunity to disrupt book publishing industry timing is right could create atleast 10000 startups in the English book publishing sector .

Posted on Jan 8 2018 - 7:53am by admin

The thing one learnt yesterday from the shitty so called World Book Fair was that there is a huge opportunity in the book publishing industry surprisingly no one is disrupting it and know a few players ok Crony startup Juggernaut and its Mullhon ka rona type publishing and few others who havent done that well know them from previous fairs and most of them have disappeared the problem with all their models was not that they were bad or any other thing but the timing the market wasnt ready and the there was a problem of bandwidth and devices both of them have been overcome and the market is ready to explode and replace the polluting paper model into digital though paper publishing wont go away soon but the day digital reaches critical mass it will be gone overnight .

The other problem with new disruptive model as they are termed are basically replacing the print on paper onto digital it is hardly any disruption if you might call it , its just paper to digital the scope for digital and its possibilities are infinite and no publisher seems to have grasp or is innovating on those lines .

Books even on the digital sphere are very expensive despite such less inputs likes paper publishing etc the price needs to be bought down and needs to be like the JIO mobile service bandwidth at really cheap rates and even a unlimited option for subscriber .

With this in mind one has invested in a new publishing startup lets see how it works because talk is cheap and we wont be getting crony start up money and dont want either ha!

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