Malvinder Singh is part owner of Fortis Healthcare and Religare Wellness , Shivender is his brother and to know what they really are you need to know their history RANBAXY and then you will know why illegalities take place at FORTIS the sheer greed

Posted on Dec 6 2017 - 6:56pm by admin

The brothers Malvinder and Shivinder both of the old school variety Doon and the sifarshi Stephens and you can figure how much merit they had in entering these two institutions and can figure how much hard work they must have put in to take Ranbaxy to where it is today and please you must read about the Ranbaxy saga though they had come to our notice for some animal cruelty when some Beagles were rescued from Ranbaxy they had been kept their in terrible conditions and would have been used for experiments and you just know what these people are about .

Yes they did become the top rich and billionaires but by what means and that is the shocking part and it is ongoing in courts sure the money will help with top lawyers at your disposal but they have messed up with really big time guys who will get them in time the point is why target Fortis it is the owners who need to be hauled up for bringing this culture in place for such incident to happen and these guys think they can get away with anything in this country with money in their pockets and most importantly the politicians but they are mistaken about certain things that there are forces way beyond their understanding operating and will get them in case they think they are above the law .

By the way Shivinder Singh heard that some member of the family heading the org and they have a lot of  prime lands in Gurgaon and Delhi and a lot of area around Asola and a colony has come up no offence to the Dera of Radha Soami but do you need these guys to run it with so much greed and cruelty to animals and these are big fishes and they have rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and when they come for them they will be problems for everyone .

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