Largest toll plaza to come up at Sehrawan – ( should have been made ahead of the Panchgaon KMP e way here the land acquisition will be a problem in the long run )

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Largest toll plaza to come up at Sehrawan

Gurgaon: India’s largest toll plaza will come up at Sehrawan, about 11km away from Kherki Daula, if National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) gets land for it from the district administration. The toll plaza will have 40 lanes and each lane will be made at a cost of Rs 9 lakh, NHAI officials said on Saturday.

Earlier, the Gurgaon-Delhi expressway (Sirhaul) toll plaza with 32 lanes was the biggest in India before it was scrapped in 2014.

According to NHAI officials, the 40-lane toll plaza that and highways Nitin Gadkari after talks on the matter for over two years. The district administration allotted land for it in Sehrawan in December 2017.

However, Ashok Sharma, NHAI project director, Gurgaon, said, “We have not received land for the Sehrawan toll plaza yet.”

MD Malla, managing partner of Malla Consulting, consultant for the project, said, “National Highways Authority of India will need 65 acres for the toll plaza, including portions of Kakrola, Sehrawan and Manesar.

The toll plaza will run for 1.3 km on the NH8, starting has been proposed at Sehrawan will ensure less traffic congestion than the Kherki Daula toll plaza which has 23 lanes.

However, the proposal to shift the Kherki Daula toll plaza to Sehrawan has been facing flak from environmentalists who claim the land is a forest area and wildlife corridor.

The district administration is yet to get the forest clearance for the land but has allotted 65 acres, including 59 acres under Manesar village, five acres under Sehrawan and one acre under Kakrola, for the new toll plaza.

The shifting of the Kherki Daula toll plaza was officially announced in 2017 by Union minister for road transport from the point which is at a distance of 51.9 km from ISBT and ending at the 53.2-km point.

The highway will be widened for the toll plaza, starting from the Government Polytechnic College in Manesar.”

In 2014, the 32-lane Sirhaul toll plaza was removed after all parties concerned, including NHAI, expressway operator Delhi-Gurgaon Super Connectivity Ltd (DGSCL) and lead banker for the project, Infrastructure Development Finance Company, reached a mutual settlement at the end of a prolonged legal battle in which charges of financial irregularities were levelled against Delhi-Gurgaon Super Connectivity Ltd.
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