Kidnapped in W Delhi, 4-yr-old freed in 48 hrs – ( proves the point of the begging mafia and how they traffic children and it is very much on the roads of Delhi )

Posted on Aug 12 2017 - 7:17pm by admin
Accused Planned To Sell Child For Begging
A four-year-old boy was rescued within 48 hours of being kidnapped from west Delhi’s Punjabi Bagh.The kidnapper had allegedly taken the boy to Bihar to sell him for begging.The boy’s mother called the cops at 9.30pm on August 9 informing them that a neighbour had taken away the child.“A case for kidnapping was registered and a team led by Ankit Chouhan, ACP , Punjabi Bagh, was formed to rescue the child,“ said DCP (west) Vijay Kumar. Questioning of the neighbour, Soneshwar, revealed that he had taken the boy to Central Market in Punjabi Bagh where he bought alcohol and started drinking. He met a man named Sunil whom he befriended and got drunk with.Sunil was soon traced and questioned. He said that they got on a rickshaw with the child and went to his wife, a domestic help, to get some money as they were short of cash.They left the child on the rickshaw. When they returned after five minutes, the boy and rickshaw puller were nowhere to be seen.

Cops scanned CCTV footage of the area and found that the rickshawpuller had kidnapped the child. They circulated photographs of the rickshawpuller in the area and later identified him as Vinod, a resident of Samastipur in Bihar.

A team was sent to Samastipur from where the cops got to know that Vinod had left for Delhi with the child. Vinod was apprehended along with the boy from New Delhi Railway Station on August 11. He told police that he was planning to sell the boy to people who ran a begging racket to earn a quick buck.
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