Khan Market – most expensive retail space etc – ( most over hyped ) read why

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by the way galleria can learn from khan market the way they keep the dogs and they were the first ones to give them the respect they deserve with coats in winters ,

every year the same headline is repeated Khan market is the most expensive retail real estate etc and first of all the reason for that is there is hardly any retail space available for rent so in terribly limited space and hardly available it will be utterly difficult to get any space even if you are willing to shell out any amount ,even then there is no space for rent,

Khan market is in the middle of the most elite zone golf links, jor bagh , prithviraj road etc basically a lutyens zone market so does attract the uppity crowd and had its charm say about 15 years ago , it was uppity compared to say def col and gk 1 and one read a page once on facebook which said something about gk cheapos or something to that effect, stop coming to khan market , honestly gk1 sucks but to call such degrading names in garb of class what can one say ,

though one has been to khan market on many occasions and never been able to figure out whats so great about it and  it is just a case of overhype hardly any shops to mention or any great shopping experience , the time when one really liked it was because of the BOOKSHOP it had something about it and always great music the market lost the charm for me  after it  moved to jor bagh   – bahri sons overhyped, im sure one offends the old patrons like jairam ramesh sitting and doing their work there but not much of a fan of the store they need to revamp ,rest the whole area  is full of fuddy duddy stores from bygone era lots of new ones coming up

the back lanes have lots of new restaurants which are a fire hazard just imagine being trapped in the staircase which is the only entry and exit

rest there are auto shops and cheap lights market on the other side .

the best part is you see these wannabes or some who think they have arrived or are happening by putting up photos on facebook and twitter that they are at khan market , good for you


in Gurgaon even small markets have better shops and shopping experience maybe the uppity crowd of khan market doesnt travel to such places like Gurgaon might be considered a sidey to be caught walking in gurgaon .

so please spare us this nonsense of the most expensive retail space crap every year

its below average market maybe the hype works and a sucker born every minute .


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