Johnson & Johnson’s Faulty Hip Implants | The Urban Debate With Faye D’Souza – ( Must watch for corruption , collusion , criminality of doctors ,hospitals , middlemen and lax regulator peanuts for compensation for India )

Posted on Sep 8 2018 - 6:55pm by admin

Though using the Lax for the regulator it could be criminal negligence

Government specially the previous one what did they do ?

But most of all is shows the system of corruption , collusion and criminality of Doctors , Hospitals , Distributors etc the sheer greed and willful negligence and not only endangering patients lives and in turn causing them to become disabled but sheer greed behind it all nothing but money and they will kill someone worst sort of criminals in the guise of so called medical profession and in other country they would be behind bars and these hospitals shut and sued but instead these people and hospitals are very much there still and no check on them no criminal prosecution .

The other shocking part that Johnson and Johnson paying a pittance as compensation to Indian patients displays a old school racism or what when they are paying hefty sums in other countries and in those countries governments have ultra pro active and not let Johnson and Johnson get away while in India nothing has been done to JnJ and getting away .

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